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Hello and Welcome to the Modest Closet Page

This page is all about connecting Godly ladies with places they can shop to find beautiful, feminine and modest clothing online!. We know how much time you can waste on the Internet trying to find modest clothes let alone feminine ones so we have compiled some a list of places that we have found and put it here, nice and easy for all you lovely ladies to find!.

God Bless, Anita and Sabrina

P.s Disclaimer: Please be aware that we are not in any way connected to these online stores / websites and therefore we can’t guarantee that they hold the same standards that we do.

The Modest Closet Link List:
Click on the link to go straight to their site!

Turquoise 'n Country

Cute Aprons, Scarves and Accessories

Milka Rose 

Fomal & Dresses

Shabby Apple

Formal & Dresses

Modest Apparel USA

Casual Tops & Skirts


Casual Tops & Skirts

Novae Clothing

Casual Tops & Skirts


Casual Tops & Skirts

Latter Day Bride

Formal, Dresses & Wedding Dresses

Beautiful One Modest

Formal & Dresses

Junie Blake

Formal & Dresses

Sierra Brooke

Formal & Dresses

Kosher Casual

Skirts, Casual Under Shirts and Singlets

Jen Clothing

Formal & Dresses

Devine Modesty

Formal & Dresses

Love My Jean Skirt

Cool Skirts


Country Western Clothing

I hope this list is helpful, to the best of my knowledge 

all the above stores ship to Australia.


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