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10 Beautiful Projects to Make for Mother's Day


Dear Everyone,
Mother's day is just around the corner and 
today I want to share with you 10 beautiful DIY 
gift idea's for the 
Godzgear blog archives!

Each of these ideas comes with a tutorial on how you 
can make them. Mother's day is a special day because it 
is a set side time to praise God for His wonderful plan 
of family and especially the role He created Mother's to play. 
Let's use Mother's day to thank our merciful God and 
Saviour for our Mother and try and bless her on this 
day called Mother's Day.

So, Below are our 10 Beautiful DIY Projects:

Make her something special using these
gorgeous egg carton Roses.
Find the tutorial Here...

Does she feel the cold? Why not try your arm at Arm knitting
and make her a chi’c and cozy scarf.
Arm knitting tutorial Here...

Make her a cute Earphone or cable holder.
Find the tutorial Here....

Create a fabulous , one of a kind office chair
to brighten up her office time.
Find the tutorial Here...

Snazzy up her car with unique car-seat deca'ling
using iron on applique.
Find the tutorial Here...

Use your sewing ability to refashion some old clothes
 and make her something special to wear.
Check out these refashion tutorials.

Make her some natural DIY mascara.
Find the tutorial Here...

Make her a fashionable lanyard if she’s the sort
to lose keys, USB ect. (like Me)
Find the tutorial Here...

Make her a vintage style head band,
they are easy to make and look great.
Find the tutorial Here...

I hope you find these ideas and tutorials helpful!
May God bless you and all 
Mothers this Mother's Day.

God Bless,
Written By Anita
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