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Arm Knitting Tutorial


Hi all, today I'm going to share one of my favourite 
DIY Ideas, Arm Knitting!
As you know I love scarves and about 
3 months ago I came upon a tutorial showing
 how you can knit an infinity scarf in approx 30
 mins using your arms instead of needles. 
I gave it a try, loved it and now I'm sharing it with you.

I hope you find the tutorial below helpful, if you still need some pointers look up arm knitting on Youtube and you will find heaps more tutorials and helps.

What you will need:

  • Thick or chunky yarn/wool
  • Your Arms
  • Scissors

Helpful Tips
On your first try don't expect perfection, keep at it
The length of your starting tail can vary depending 
on how wide you want your scarf
Try and keep all your stitches even
If you use more than one strand make sure you don't drop a stitch

God bless, I hope you enjoy making your own 
scarf as much as I do.

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I'll upload some of the other arm knit scarves I've done!

God Bless,
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