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Beauty to Beauty- Travelling Australia


Well our travels continue I am ever amazed at the stunning landscapes our Awesome God has made. I've stood on the edge of rugged red breakaways surrounded by the unique colour of the Australian outback. I've walked through tropical forests hiding crystal clear billabongs. I've driven past kms and kms of cattle stations with their stunning drought masters and brahman lining the roads. And now, as we enter the Atherton table lands I am greeted by rolling hills, grass lands, dairy farms and oh what beauty!

Revelation 4 verse 11
" you are worthy oh Lord to receive 
All glory, honour and praise. 
For you created all things and by your will 
They exist and we're made"

P. S
Some of my favorite spots this week:
Borroloola Rodeo, Mataranka springs, charters towers ( it is such a beautifully built town, it was built back in the gold rush era )

God Bless,
Written By Anita
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