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D.I.Y Natural Furniture Wax Tutorial


Hello to you all, today I want to share a really 
exciting project I got up to this week. 
As you know I like to Redo/Upcycle Furniture.
I love taking an old, shabby looking piece of furniture and turning
it into a unique and rustic country style statement piece. 
This week my exciting project was making my very own 100%
natural Furniture wax. Waxing furniture to seal either wood or
paint has really come back into fashion in the DIY world. 
Waxing is a great option for lots of reasons. 
I use wax instead of varnishing for stained wood pieces or to seal
my painted projects. You can wax over non gloss paints and still have a nice smooth finish. This makes the whole project not only
cheaper (because you can use basic water based paints) 
But it can be much healthier. When it comes to Wax you have to
main types, Chemically made Waxes or Natural Waxes. 
Chemical wax is toxic therefore you need to wear a mask and gloves when using it. But even after you have waxed you 
project it still gives off the toxic fumes into your house once it's
finished. I truly believe naturally made waxes are the best to use,
They are not only safer but they are actual healthy to use, 
as you are waxing all the goodness from the oils and bees wax soaks into your hands and nourishes your skin.
And,  you don't have to wear any annoying protective gear or inhale toxic chemicals

Now that you know all that here is some more great news, 
Making your own Natural Furniture Wax is super easy 
and can be done very cheaply, Another money saver.!!!!
(Just A little note: This post has affiliate links.)

Natural Bees Wax Recipe

What you will need:

28 grams Bees Wax

You can either buy some at a health food store or you can find it
online at places like Ebay, Find Natural Bees Wax Here...

1 Cup Olive Oil

You know use other types of oils, I used olive oil because 
that is what I had. One thing to remember, 
if you use a darker colour oil it will have a darker finish. 
The same goes for lighter oils.

An air tight container to store your wax in.

Make sure your container has a wide opening so you can get
your hand in there to use the wax. (try not using a jar 
that has had a strong smelling food in, I used a sauce jar 
and now my wax smells like food when I open the jar. 
It does wear off though and as time goes by I smell the 
essential oils I put in it more and more.

Essential Oil

I used some essential oil in mine to make it smell delicious.


Measure out your bees was, I used a large knife to chip 

away at my large chunk of bees wax until I had 28 grams. 
The smaller your chunks of bees wax the quicker it will melt.

Grab your cup of oil and add it to the bees wax in the pot.

I melted my wax and oil mix in a small pot lined with 
aluminium but you could easily melt it in a double boiler, 
(Fill a pot with water and place a bowl on top with your wax,
as the water in the bottom post gets hot it heats the bowl u
melts your wax, This way you don’t have the chance of 
burning your wax to the bottom of the pot. 

Once the bees wax and melted has mostly melted take it off
the stove and give it a little stir to make sure all the 
bees wax is melted. I then added my Essential oils, 
I added about 5 drops of essential oil and give it a 
quick stir again. 

Pour your mixture into your jar/container, screw on the lid 
and let in cool down and set in a room temperature room. 
You don’t want the wax to set to quickly because it 
might break the jar. Let it cool slowly.

Well that’s it, your all done, Go ahead and try it out

once it’s cooled. 

I hope you find this recipe as easy and helpful as I did

God Bless,

Written by Anita

P.S. Here's a cool Infogram so you can pin it for later!.

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