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DIY No Sew Car Seat Decal


Hi Everyone, with Australia Day is just
around the corner I decided to share with 
you a project that is an expression of just how 
blessed I am to be Australian! 
I have been looking for a little while 
online at what sort of car decals I can get 
that are both wholesomely Australian, 
famine and with a country twist! 
Well with not much avail I decided 
I'd just have to make something myself.

This is what I came out with!

Below is a video tutorial that I made to show 
you how I did it, All you need is:

No Sew Appliqué sheets 
(I used Easy Steam from Spotlight, They were okay but I would shop around more next time)
Pen or marker

I hope you find this helpful one day or in some way,

God bless

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