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Dear friends, this week's blog post is sort of an announcement. 
As most of you probably know, as well as
sharing on my Godzgear blog I also have a small
online store, also called Godzgear, hosted by etsy.
As of yesterday my store has a new name, 
it is no longer called Godzgear but Turquoise n' Country.
My blog site will continue to be Godzgear, however I wanted to branch out with my store therefore 
the name change. I hope I will have the pleasure 
of you visiting my new store some day soon,

Now you know this exciting announcement 
I though I would also like to share with you my 
Turquoise n' Country shop story below.

Hi, my name is Anita. I love to create beautiful 
things whether they be out of fabric, 
wood, paper or just about anything.
Through my Etsy store Turquoise ‘n Country, 
I pass on my pretty yet practical creations to others.
When it comes to fashion, I am a lover of the 
country chic look and accessories that transform 
an outfit into something striking and fabulous. 
Therefore, my accessory creations have that 
ever present scent of country practicality
yet chic prettiness. I am also a staunch believer in quality, 
which is greatly lacking in our modern mass-produced world. 
I pride myself on taking the time to make 
sure I am selling/creating quality products that 
will stand the test of time and bring much 
pleasure and enjoyment for years to come. 
My customers are also very important to me, therefore I
will always endeavour to the best of my ability 
to ensure their 100% satisfaction.

Now you know a little more about me and my store, 
God Bless, Anita

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