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Natural Herb Hair Rinse


Well, I was thinking the other day about what I 
should do as a blog post this week when 
a girl friend asked me what I put in my natural 
hair rinse. 
From that point on I decided to share with her 
and you my natural hair rinse recipe. 
At the moment I normally use a natural based shampoo and conditioner but I like to give my head and hair a bit of a healthy boost by putting a rinse through it and leaving it in for a few hours to really soak in and I then wash it out normally. 
I have found that my hair is slowly getting healthier
 as I do this so I am really happy to 
with you and hope you
 find it helpful 
in some way.
So, here is my natural herb & flower 
hair rinse recipe that you 
easy make from the garden.

NOTE: If you can't find these ingredients don't worry, I use what I have in my garden so use your imagination and see what you can find.


  • Lavender Smells beautiful and is a good conditioner
  • Mint a good cleanser
  • Coconut Oil Helps promote hair growth and strengthens hair
  • Honey Feeds hair for stronger hair
  • Lemon Cleans hair and scalp while also bringing out light highlights
  • Chamomile Good for healing damaged hair, scalp and skin. Also brings out light highlights
  • Sage, Pineapple Sage A natural deodorant that helps close pores
  • Rose Hip Helps feed hair
  • Rose Petals Softens and feeds hair
  • Calendula Super herb, helps feed hair and skin
  • Rosemary Conditions and gives shine to hair
  • Jasmine Smells beautiful
  • Elder Flower Moisturises hair and skin, also whitens skin

As I said, these are all ingredients that I have in my garden, there are so many other great herbs and flowers that God has created that you can put in your hair, do some research and see what you have in your garden to give your hair a healthy boost. Another great option if you don't have a garden or these herbs is go to your local stock feed and ask for these herbs. I have found that my local stock feed sell's all sorts of great herbs for animal health but they work great for people as well.

Here's some other things you can also try for healthy hair or skin!

Almonds, Avocados, Parsley, Apricots, Colts foot, Comfy, Cucumber, Fennel, Lady's Mantle, Linden Flower, Lettuce, Marigold, Marshmallow, Nettle, Onions, Papaw, Poppy Petals, Spinach, Thyme, Violets, Tomatoes, Yarrow and the 
list can go on.

As I said I really love herbal rinses and they are so good for both your hair and skin health.

God Bless,

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