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The New Dawn - Journey of a Broken Heart


As I see the new dawn, I stand in wonder
 as tears of joy flood my eyes. 
Finally, a heart that was broken is healing and 
I can feel beauty again. Sorrow is replaced with a new dream for tomorrow filled with brand-new beginnings and promises 
from God alone. I can start again because He is faithful, 
I can dream anew with excitement because He is hope. 
I can rejoice because His promises never fade or fail 
no matter the time, place or person. 
Thank you Father for this journey, this opportunity to grow. 
I can say with all my heart, through it all I have 
learned to trust in Jesus,  I have learned to trust in God. 
This was the prayer of a young lady who has 
known the burden and sorrow of a broken heart. 
She remembers the pain of broken promises, 
the nights of sleeplessness, her failings and mistakes 
and she watched as her dreams and hopes faded until 
they were no more.This young lady was me. 
Yes I know the heart ache and sorrow that feels 
as though it will never pass, 
but please hear this, in our Lord it will.

A new day will dawn brighter, for we serve a God of hope!
The Lord says in His Word in the Psalms that
just as the sun shines and gets brighter 
even until the noon time so is the 
righteousness of the righteous,
it shines ever brighter until the noon time.We are on a journey!
Jesus Christ has not called us to be perfect, 
He has called us to abide in Him alone. 
To walk step by step according to His Spirit and Word.
We can not earn our God's favour by good behaviour 
or deeds, we were saved by God's grace alone, 
therefore let us rejoice in Him. 
God knows our every step, the ones past, 
the present and those we have yet to take. 
Don't forget the power and mercy of our Lord, 
Christ died for all our sins, those past, present and future. 
Why do we worry about sinning again tomorrow.
Yes our journey will often be hard, painful, lonely 
and dry, yet we have His promise that will 
never fade or fail. He will finish the work that He
 has started in us. So as we walk through each valley
 and testing remember it gives us the chance to grow, trust, 
endure and conquer, It is making us ever more like our 
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
We need to fix our eyes on what lies before us, 
not getting distracted by the things of this world 
but living undivided for our Lord and Saviour. 
He know's the plans that He has for you, plans for good 
and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

God Bless
Written By Anita
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