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Things are Still Happening at Godzgear


Hello to all my Dear Followers,

I know it's been awhile since Sabrina and I started our Blog
Transformation but don't fear things are happening and the
Godzgear blog will be in Tip Top Shape soon!!!. 

I, (Anita), has been busy creating lot's of great new features for 
our blog and working hard to make our New Blog look better 
than ever and easier to us.

I have added new features like a Search Bar, So you can search
through all our blog posts by subject, topic ect. 

I have also done some tweaking to our Pages and blog menue.

Anyway you will all know as soon as the Godzgear Blog is all
polished and done. Please continue to be patient 
with us and the blog as it's in the transformation stage, 
I know it is annoying when links, button, or text is abit 
muddled up but it will all be fixed up real soon.!

Thank You All,

God Bless

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