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Hi all,

First off let me say sorry for the random times and days 
that some of my recent blog posts have come out!
The Internet of late has not been very reliable, therefore,
 I am getting the blog posts out when ever I can. 
(when there's Internet to post them)

With that said, This weeks post is a little sneak
 peek at how I turned my 
Queensland Op-shop find into a stylish work vest!

While I was travelling in Queensland I picked up a black vest at a Op-shop that I thought would be just what I needed for a work vest. But, Unfortunately it must have been a company vest because it had a company logo/name embroidered on the front of it. Well the vest was a good fit and price so I bought it and decided to take up the challenge of refashioning it into something special when I got back home.Well, when I got back from holidays I got straight into it and here's how I did it.

The Original Vest
Firstly I needed something to cover the company name so I searched for ideas through my fabrics and embellishments.After looking through all my embellishments and coming out with nothing that would cover the whole company name I came out with a piece of leftover fabric from an apron 
I had made for a girlfriend of mine.

Some Cute Fabric

I cut out one of the flowers from the fabrics pattern and sewed it over the old company logo/name leaving about a centimetre from the edge of the fabric ( I'll tell you why I did this in a second).
I them got some black embroidery thread and
 embroidered around each section of the flower to make
 it stand out and look like it belonged on the vest.
To finish it off I got a pin and frayed around the edge of the
 flower patch. (the reason I left a centimetre from the edge is so I could fray it)

I quick Selfie before heading to work!

I love my refashioned vest and I have worn it to work 
every one since refashioning it.
Vests are such a great idea because they keep your 
body warm while not making your 
arms to bulky when your trying to get work done!

God Bless you All,
Written By Anita
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