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Coconut and Lavender Natural Soothing Lotion


Hello Again, Last week I posted a blog on my natural 
shaving soap solution called Borax and
 promised that this week I would put up a 

blog post on my Coconut and lavender 
soothing cream, so here it is.

The reason I use this mixture of coconut and lavender oil is that I have found this combination to be great at soothing /relaxing my skin. When you shave you take off the protective layer of oil that your skin produces and this lotion helps to protect your skin while your body produces more oils (this lotion is especially good for those of us with dry skin). This lotion also helps to keep shaving bumps or sores to a minimum as it works as an antibacterial, keeping your hair pores from getting clogged up.

The ingredients are simply:

Cold pressed Organic coconut oil,
(which you can find in the natural health isle of most food stores )

Natural lavender Essential oil.
(Lavender oil may be a little harder to find as it is on the expensive side so you may have to look around and see where you can purchase it, Or you could use other essential oils that have moisturising properties.

Once you have your ingredients you can mix them, Approx 3 drops lavender to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or you can mix them in your hand just before you apply it like I do. One thing to remember, coconut oil will go hard when it gets cold and really runny when it warms up so keep it somewhere that’s cool if you can but it’s okay to use both ways.

P.S you can also go online to purchase coconut oil in larger amounts if you use it for other recipes, just remember to make sure it is organic cold pressed and not heat or chemically treated.

I hope this has been helpful, I am no skin or natural health expert
but I try to share what has worked for me and hope it blesses you.

P.S If you like this article don't forget to check out my Natural No Soap Shaving Solution blog post!

God Bless,

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