De-clutter Our Homes and Bring in Some Added Income


It's Too Good to Throw Out But There is No One to Give It To!.

Most of us collect many useful and beautiful things as we 
travel along life’s path. These things add to our comfort or 
delight us in some way. They have their use and then are often shelved for another time, maybe to be used again by us or someone else. They are too good to throw out and there is no one to give it to.Usually we will have these ‘things’ until we move 
house and have to get rid of them.

As wives and daughters, we can be such a blessing to our 
families in this area. Within our God given roles, we can 
help de-clutter our homes and bring in some added income. 
This is the story of our family, especially the Mum (me) 
and her ever diligent Daughters.

Some people garage sale. This works great in 
Suburbia if you don’t mind people snooping around a bit.
I know when my family lived in Suburbia, we would hold 
our sale on our verge so no one would be free to roam through 
our yard. Sometimes, we would just put random items on 
the verge with a sign saying “FREE”. People would stop 
to pick something up and then ‘toot’ a ‘thanks’ when
they drove off. It was a nice feeling when you heard the 
‘toot’ or some neighbour would take the time to yell a 
‘thanks’ over the front fence. 

We now live in the country and those previous methods 
just don’t work because we are remote from traffic and people.
We did try the local market and had a ‘garage sale’ type of stall. 
It was fun but we didn’t get a lot of customers and they only
bought what was dirt cheap. We had to lug all the stuff there, 
price it all, arrange correct change, and afterwards lug 
what we didn’t sell all home again. 

Then we discovered a NEW great way to clear out our valuable
stuff. We can stay home and we market to the whole country, 
and the World if it wants to buy something from us and pay 
the postage! Yes, the internet markets to many customers 
and with a great postal system, we do very well indeed. 
Yes, this is truly wonderful for us Mums, Wives, and Daughters, who want to be a blessing in our families by being at home and 
available for our families.

In Australia, there are various online businesses that 
provide for the ‘everyday Joe Bloe’ who wants to sell his stuff.
In our home we use a site where it is free to advertise and to sell. 
We can load great photos and communicate with potential buyers
via email, mobile phone text, or phone calls. One thing that 
we are careful about, it that we check to make sure that the 
online site that we choose does not have immoral 
advertising on it. We do want to be supporting such a 
business or exposing ourselves and our customers to these things.

As a family, we have had great success with this style of selling.
At first we were doing this all individually but we soon became
aware of the power of creating a faithful following. 
By putting all our ads under one sign in, we have created 
our own shop that our faithful customers regularly visit. 
Every time we sell to a new buyer, we potentially get a new
faithful follower. When people enquire about one of our ads, 
they have the option of looking at all the other items that we 
have for sale. Often we will sell multiple items to the same 
person. At the moment we have over 150 adds, 
and it is growing every day.

We are nearly selling an item a day. For large items we arrange 
for the buyer to pick up from our house, but we have sold 
many small items that we just post. It is the same price 
to post anywhere in Australia. We have sold guitars 
and sent them to the other side of Australia through the mail. 
Once we sold a stained glass door to a person on the other
side of the country. They drove over 4000kms to get here to pick it up, and then drove home again. They sent us a picture 
when they had installed into their new house. 

Most of our items that we send in the mail are small.
We even use the mail locally because, truthfully, it is cheaper 
than fuel. Customers realise this and are happy to pay the postage 
cost on top of the item cost. They will still be getting a bargain.
When we receive payment from the buyer, we post it and 
send the tracking number to the buyer. We like to keep in touch with the customer to make sure they receive it and are happy. 

All of our customers, so far, have been very, very happy
with their purchases and we are getting rid of stuff and earning
some dollars from the comfort of our home. 
We have been so successful that some of us have gone 
to get stuff off road-side pickup, just so we can clean it up, 
fix it and sell it again!

So, to all of you stay at home Mums and Daughters, 
there are many ways to be a blessing by being at home for our
families, the way God has designed it. This is just one way that we have found. Technology can be such a pain in our lives, 
and an obstacle to keep us away from doing what God has called
us to, but if we have our eyes on the Lord God our Father, 
and know His will in our roles as Mothers and Daughters, 
then technology can have its place in further pursuing our
usefulness in the home. Maybe this can trigger an idea for you?!
May our Heavenly Father Guide you in this.

Written By Guest Blogger
Mrs Evelyn Hair
(Our Precious Mother)

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