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Delectable Chocolate Self - Saucing Pudding


One of my favourite recipes from growing up is 
Chocolate self-saucing pudding. Not only is it delicious 
chocolaty dessert that finishes of dinner nicely 
but It is also very quick and easy to prepare. 
It’s a great go to recipe for those days when 
you have unexpected dinner guests 
and need to make sure everyone has enough.


60 grams Butter
½ Cup Raw Sugar
1 Egg
1 Cup Self Raising Flour
½ Cup Milk
Vanilla to taste
2 Dessertspoons Coco
½ Cup Sugar

Cream Butter and Sugar, Add unbeaten egg and vanilla and mix.

Fold in flour alternately with milk. Place in greased oven proof dish and sprinkle with topping of mixed cocoa and second ½ cup sugar.

Finally pour over 1 ¼ cups of hot water and bake in moderate oven for 35-40 minutes.

To serve simply spoon out into dessert bowls 

and serve with cream.

Tips and Tricks:

This recipe does need some baking room so make sure you have a big enough oven dish to allow for the pudding rising.

Sometimes some of the water evaporates before the pudding has finished baking so I add a little extra water to make sure there is plenty of yummy sauce when it comes time to serve.

God bless,

Written By Anita
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