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How to Fix Smokey, Burned Varnish


 Solid wood tables have a lovely look and are pretty hard wearing 
for the most part, but when the varnish starts to get old, anything 
hot put on the table tends to leave a burnt, smoky mark. Today I 
want to show you how you can fix these marks and give your wood
 table more life.


Olive oil Salt (the coarseness depends on what you prefer,
coarser salt will 
make the job faster, but has a tendency to leave scratches. Table salt
 will probably be OK if furniture that ins't too precious to you, but 
you might not want to use it on fine furniture. It's your choice.)
A rag
Container and weights (optional)

1. Pour a bit of olive oil onto the mark you are trying to remove

2. Sprinkle an equal amount of salt onto the oil

3. Now take your rag and using a circular motion rub the salt and oil into the mark.

 NOTE: If the mark is very deep and taking a while to come out, try
 and use a slightly coarser grain salt.

4.Some marks can be deep and require some patience and a good
 deal of rubbing in. As a helpful tip, if you get something heavy and put it on top of your rag all you have to do is push it around.

5. And there you have it! Your smoky varnish is gone.

Well, I hope you found this little DIY helpful and that your tables 
are the better for it.

God bless,
Written by Sabrina

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