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Refashion Your Denims!


Okay ,today I'm sharing the simple yet effective 
Denim Refashions I did this week! 

The first refashion I did was on a favourite pair of jeans.

What I used for this:

  • Matching coloured embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • A large needle

Being a rather short figured person I need to take most of my jeans up. The problem though with taking jeans up is that if they have a nice finish on the bottom leg seam you lose it when you cut off the extra length of the jeans. I wore my shortened jeans for a while but the unfinished look isn't my style. To make them look better and finished I got some embroidery thread that matched the thread used in the rest of the jeans, a large needle and did two simple straight stitches along the bottom of the jeans. 

Note: I split the embroidery thread in half so that I only used
three strands of thread for the stitch and not all six.

The next refashion I did was to add a little something special
to one of my favourite and comfy denim skirts
while also adding a bit more length to it.

What I used for This:
  • Matching cotton lace (or you could use a contrasting colour)
  • Sewing machine set for regular straight stitch (you could also hand stitch if you don’t have a machine)

I firstly picked a I thought would match the denim colour so it wouldn't look like a tack on job but add something special.
The lace I used had a pre-done non fray edge so it was very simple to sew on.I folded one end of the lace over and ironed it down. I then pinned it in place starting with the folded end.

Note: make sure that the unfinished side of the folded lace will be on the inside of the skirt.

Once the lace was pinned in place I set my sewing machine to a comfortable straight stitch setting and sewed on the lace.

When I had sewed to the end I cut away the extra
lace leaving just enough lace to finish this end t
he same as the other end, folding it in.

For the last step I sewed the two folded ends down making it look properly finished while also ensuring it will not fray on the ends.

Well now you know a little of what I got up to in my
sewing room this week. I hope you all have a great 
weekend and have been blessed by this post.

God Bless,
Written By Anita
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