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DIY Vintage Headband


It’s easy, all you need is: Scissors, needle & thread (or sewing machine), a cute stretch tee you no longer need or a 

cute pair of stockings,pins and 15 mins.

First pick the tee or stockings that you want to refashion.
NOTE: If you go with using a tee, stretch it to find out which direction it stretches more. (top to bottom or side to side) 
You will need to cut your rectangle so that it stretches
 more end to end then side to side.

Step 2. Cut a big rectangle out of your tee and then cut it in half. 
You should now have two long strips! (see pics).

Step 3. Fold your strip onto itself and put the ends together forming a loop. You can either hand sew them together or run it through the sewing machine. Trim off the messy end.

Step 4. Take your second strip, fold it onto itself like the first and then thread it through your new loop. Sew the ends together just like the first loop.

 Step 5. Take the sewn ends of both loops and sew them together. 
From here, fold your new seam over to give your headband a nice flat finish at the back. 

Whoolah!, you have your very own Vintage Headband.

PS If you are using stockings, simply cut off the top part so all you have left is two legs and follow instructions from Step 3 .

NOTE( you don’t need to fold your stocking leg onto itself though).

God Bless,

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