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My Favourite Roti Bread Recipes


Hi Everyone, well as I promised in today's 
post I'm going to share with you my 
two favourite Indian Roti bread recipes.
Roti bread is not only fantastic with Indian Daal but 
also a great side dish with just about any meal.
 It helps the more expensive ingredients go further 
while keeping everyone full and happy.

Disclaimer: (For my Indian friends I know this may not be how you prepare yours, I have a lot to learn about making roti bread yet, but this is what I have learned so far so please bear with me =D)

The roti bread recipes I am sharing with you make for a delicious meal when accompanied by the braised garlic and tomato daal I shared with you last week... you can find it here... or instead of bread rolls for lunches and sides. There are also great for wraps.

Recipe number one is the recipe I use and recipe
number two is my sisters recipe. Both are yummy!

Roti Recipe One

Serves approx two people so double ect.
to make a family sized recipe


1 Cup flour
2 1/2 Tbsps oil
1 Tbsp salt
Water as needed

Mix flour & salt then add the oil. knead your mixture and slowly add water until you have a soft wet dough. Roll the dough into a ball and rub oil over the outside of the ball. Leave it to sit for about 10 mins.

After your dough has sat, take small sections of dough and roll them in your hands into small balls. Dust them with flour, flatten them out and use a rolling pin to roll them out until nice and thin.

Place your roti into a hot skillet and lightly cook it on both sides, then place it on a rack over an open flame (gas burner). Allow it to puff up and turn it over. Once golden brown, remove from heat and rub either butter or oil onto it. Stack your already done roti on top of each other and keep them in a warm place or covered by a clean kitchen towel. They are best served warm but if need be you can reheat them.

Roti Recipe Two

Serves approx 4 people


1 cup warm water
1/4 cup oil
1 tspn salt
1/4 tspn baking powder
2-3 cups freshly milled wheat flour

Measure the liquids into mixing bowl. Add dry ingredients, kneading in the flour to form a soft dough. Shape the dough into a log about 5cm in diameter. Slice into 2cm rounds and roll each round out to about 1-2ml thick. Cook each roti in a buttered fry pan as you would pancakes, turning over when the underside looks cooked. These taste great fresh out of the pan but are also delicious made ahead of time and reheated in a warm oven.

There you have it, My two favourite roti recipes!
I hope you and your family will enjoy them
and have many delicious meal to come.

God Bless,

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