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I remember well the Sunday I was first introduced to the idea of encouragement letter writing. At the time, I was thirteen and by no means a writer by nature. Today I couldn't tell you how or why the gentlemen sharing the message on that Sunday brought up  the subject, but the idea of encouragement note writing struck accord with me and that very day a dear Christian girlfriend and myself decided we would write encouraging notes to each other on a weekly basis. We would take turns, she would write one week and I would reply the following week. God really used the little notes she sent me to encourage and challenge my walk with Him. The letters also draw us closer together as very dear friends to this day! The little notes were nothing super spiritual, we would share what Christ was teaching us and special moments that had happened that week. We would include bible verses that we had found encouraging. The was the beginning of my letter writing.

Over the years I have written these little encouragement notes to many people who God has brought into my life. Some have been dear friends, grandparents, family members and people I have been blessed by such as families that have hosted me while I travelled. These letters are sometimes just once off that received no reply, while others have sparked regular letters going back and forth. By God’s grace and guidance each letter contains encouraging words, exhorting each other in the ways of God and simply sharing the mercies and goodness of God. As each letter is read, it brings to mind precious memories causing us to rejoice in our Lord while also challenging us in obedience to Him.

The reason I am sharing this little story with you is in the hopes that you are challenged and encouraged to be an encouragement to others with God’s word and goodness through letter writing.

Letter writing is slowly fading away in our technological fast passed world. Sending encouraging notes doesn’t have to be written on paper, it could be in an email. I choose to write a physical 'ink on paper' letter because it feels personal and special to the receiver, but an email can be just as encouraging and thoughtful. I know that sending a letter is getting more expensive, but when it all boils down to it, the blessing of encouraging someone else in there walk with the Lord is priceless.

Writing letters or notes doesn’t have to be limited to those living abroad either. I have received so many beautiful notes filled with words of love, encouragement and biblical challenge from my 
mother over the years. I have been so blessed by her through this gesture. 

One of the beautiful advantages of letter/note writing is it allows the reader time to soak in the words written without having to come up with a response right away. Sometimes when we are speaking with others and seeking to be an encouragement they may take offence thinking we are picking on them or telling them they are doing something in error. This can happen even when we seek the Lord in what and how we say things and try our best not to offend. On the contrary, when we put our words into a letter, the reader has time to think about our words in private and see how they apply to their own lives. Another beautiful thing is the letter writer has time to seek the Lord on how He would have them write to share or encourage the receiver.

This blog post is written with love and the prayer that you are blessed and encouraged to seek the Lord on how you might bless your family and those around you with letters of encouragement.

God Bless,
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