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DIY Wrapping paper Bow Tie


Hello Everyone, It seems that over this month 
and the next there are
so many birthdays in my life. 
Birthday season is such a special and exciting time 
but it can also be an expensive and stressful time. 
We want to bless the birthday girl or boy with a gift 
they will cherish because we love them and want them to 
know we are thinking of them. 
Along with searching for the perfect gift, we 
want to make sure it's wrapped just right. 
Today I want to share with you one of my favourite 
ways to tizz up my wrapped gifts and cards, 
using only used/recycled wrapping paper 
a pair of scissors, double sided tape or glue, 
and a stapler. Gift giving doesn't have to 
be expensive nor does making stunning 
gift wrapping have to be hard or costly. 

I hope you find this little tutorial helpful 
and are blessed by it.

God Bless,

P.S Here's a few easy but gorgeous frugal gift ideas:

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