Book Review: Miguel The Shepherd Boy


Miguel The Shepherd Boy is a lovely story for young children, showing how the Christian life is the same the world over. From the back cover:

Some big changes come into eight-year-old Miguel's life - changes that confuse him and that he cannot understand. Why, when his drunken father decides to change his ways and Miguel no longer needs to be afraid of him, should his best friend tell him that he can no longer be his friend?
Why, when the long-hoped-for day arrives that he can go to school, should the neighbours not speak to him but whisper about him as he passes?
Then suddenly a great sorrow comes to Miguel's family, and with it other things that make him afraid and bewildered. 
But Miguel's life is not all sad. New friends and new ways bring new experiences and many joys. Birthdays bring surprises, and market days bring special happiness. Then there is Canala, one of Miguel's special pets; and there is the special gift that he receives - that disappears.
Then comes the earthquake, and....But this is telling you enough. You will want to read this very interesting book for yourself and see how God works everything out to make Miguel a very happy boy. 


  • Family friendly
  • Clean
  • Easy to read (ages 9-14)
  • Great read aloud (ages 5 and up)
  • Issues like death and other religions are handled with sensitiveness but not dumbed-down


  • Nice cultural feel
  • Realistic order of events in the story
  • Excellent lessons taught
  • Good family structure presented
  • Gospel message woven throughout
  • Hard work and responsibility praised
  • Would be nice as part of a unit study.

This book is brought out by Rod and Staff Publishers and can be purchased from their distributor Milestone Books
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