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A Peek Into My Hope Chest Part 5 ~ Toys & Games


Hi everyone

Today I am back with the fifth and final part of my 'Peek Into My Hope Chest' series and this post will be looking at the toys and games that I have collected for my Hope Chest.

If you missed the first other posts in the series, you can go back and read them first if you wish.

A Peek Into My Hope Chest Part 1 ~ Kitchen Items

The little plastic people at the right have quite a story to them. There are more of them, but these are just a sample to give you the idea. When I was little, we were browsing in an op shop one day and I picked out a bag full of these little plastic people which looked interesting to play with. The bagful was only a couple of dollars and my Mum liked them, so we bought them and brought them home. These simple toys became fast favorites and we spent hours playing with them as kids, creating colonies and reenacting time periods. They were tough, so they could be used outside, and they were small and quite, which made them the perfect toy to take along when we went visiting. Unfortunately, we lost our original plastic people when visiting one day and they were not seen again. Turns out they were a limited edition children's collectible set that had failed and been liquidized through op shops. A few years ago, we were reminiscing about the little people days and I went on a hunt to see if they could still be purchased. I was able to locate a used set for a reasonable price as someone was clearing out their stash. Soon these treasures were added to my hope chest. 

The marbles at the back are a combination of some that my grandmother gave to me and some that were a present from my brother, both when I was little. I love the versatility of marbles and how classic they are. The little puppet dog on the right, who is missing an eye at the moment, was a craft that my Mum did with us kids when we were young as a spontaneous homeschool project.

These games are ones that I have collected in recent years. I like how playing a board game gets people together and interacting while having fun. The top two are just general board games and the bottom two are jigsaw puzzles, also another nice way to get people together. I prefer the 300-500 piece puzzles as they seem to take just the right amount of time to complete when you are working on the puzzle as a group. These two puzzles are the same size and very similar pictures so that they can be used for puzzle races.

The doll on the right is 45cm (18"), and is wearing an outfit that I made a while back. I like the idea of giving girls dolls that have the proportions of a girl, rather than the doll looking like a mini adult. The wooden plane is a biplane that I made with my Dad. The yellow yarn doll on the left is one that I made as a young girl and is nice and soft, small and quiet, making it a nice toy for younger children.

The fabric doll at the right is a traditional Russian style folk craft, which was given to me. The remaining items are traditional Dutch pieces that were my grandparents and great grandmother. I like the history they hole and want to pass that on to my kids one day.

So that's it, the final peek into my hope chest! I hope you enjoyed this series and are inspired to dig deeper into meaning practice and meaning of keeping a hope chest.

Until next time,

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