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My son had just brought in the morning’s milking from our
Dairy cow. As I got to work straining the fresh milk through
a cloth, a warm sense of satisfaction filled me like the warm
milk that filled my pail. I thought of all the fresh glasses of
sweet pasture-fed cow’s milk that my family enjoys, and the
thick Jersey cream that I scoop off the next morning, 
the real ice-cream I make for a treat, and the yoghurt that
makes great cheese cakes, knowing all the while that our
cow is healthy, she has no medication, no artificial
hormones or antibiotics, she is pasture fed, she has no
mastitis, we get the milk the way God made it, warm, sweet,
unpasteurised, un-homogenised, and full of wonderful
nutrition and taste. Wow, what a treat. Thank you Lord !

As I washed up the milk bucket in my laundry, I thought
back to a time when my family didn’t drink milk. It was a
time of awakening for us, as we started to realise the health
risks involved in drinking milk, eating bread, sugar, salt,
flour, meat, eggs etc. We tried a diet of raw vegetables for
three months, which really did make a difference to our
health, but my husband insisted that there had to be a
better way.

He was right of course. Just cutting out food from your diet
isn’t the best way, especially if they are foods that God has
said are good. The Bible speaks about “a land flowing with
milk and honey”, “food without salt is tasteless” and Jesus
says, “I am the bread of life”. God also allows and
encourages the eating of meat, as in the Passover meal etc.

Food prepared by God for a body made by God is the BEST, 

of course! It is just like putting the right fuel in a motor. So
the problem isn’t the food, as much as it is the people who produce the food. 

Unfortunately we live in a world full of greedy business
people who have no care whatsoever for the people who will
eat their food, get sick from eating their food and die from
eating their food. That is because they have allowed their
business profit goals to control the way they produce their 
so called “food” or “phood”, as it could be called. In fact, 
they have found so many ways to do this that what they call 
“food” is no longer food!! Bizzaar Hey !?

So, the milk you have in the supermarket is not actually
milk anymore. The same goes for bread, eggs, meat, sugar,
salt, and lots of other tasty foods that God has given to us
to nourish our bodies. They have gone from “tasty” to
“nasty”!! They are all so very processed and artificiallised
that our bodies are actually being poisoned by them. 
Not only are these foods starving us of nutrition, but they
are also poisoning our system, a twofold enemy. It is no
wonder that so many people are allergic to these foods.
Well, maybe they are just allergic to the poisons and so are
we all. Our body’s health doesn’t lie. 

That is only our family’s milk story, or even only part of it.
Once God opened our eyes to His good food, real food, we
saw lots of changes in our diet. We now make our own bread
from well sourced wheat that we grind ourselves (You can
find our Recipe Here..), we enjoy raw honey, we grow our
own meat and eggs, grow our own vegies and fruit, use raw
sugar, have sourced healthy mineral rich real salt etc. 
The possibilities are endless really.

And guess what? We are healthier for it! Fancy that ?!!

God Bless,
Written By Guest Blogger
Mrs. Evelyn Hair
(Our Dear Mother)

 P.S We share some of our delicious whole food 
recipes on our Recipe Page Here....

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  1. so much truth and I would love to be able to go back to the God given foods !!



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