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The Wonders of Getting Older & Your Health


Yes, I am getting older as I find myself in the wonderful 
middle years of life. I still love being active, especially in the
garden, and I hope to be so for the rest of my life. 
 However, no matter how active and fit I am, 
there is nodenying that my body has done 
a lot more miles than years ago.

After a day in the garden digging, bending over, 
getting up and down, stretching to reach, lifting, pushing
 heavy wheelbarrows etc, my joints tell me that they have
 been working hard. This is not just a reality for the middle
 aged but even for the young. However the young bounce
 back a little faster for good reason.

Our joints, after some good use, need to recover at the end

of exercise. The exercise causes inflammation in our joints
and this is a good healthy thing. Our bodies produce anti-
inflammatory's which God has created to help our bodies
recover and to take the swelling out of our joints . 
As we get older our anti-inflammatory doesn’t work quite so
well and so the swelling in our joints creates a 
pressure that causes aches.

Yes, my joints do ache from time to time. In all adults,

middle age brings the slow reduction of the hormone
Estrogen, that the body naturally produces. Estrogen is a
major anti-inflammatory that God has created in our bodies.
As our bodies produce less and less, so also we start to get
the side effects. Obviously the reduction of Estrogen is a
necessary thing, it causes a lot of other changes in our
bodies that are important, however the transition can be a
bit uncomfortable at times.

I have recently discovered many natural food anti-
inflammatories that God has given us. There are actually
quite a lot of them, so I will only name a few here. 
Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Tumeric, Ginger. 

You can do a search for them on the internet. Anyway, I
have decided to add these foods to my diet and have had
great results. By the way, these spices are not just only
good. for the joints, they have many wonderful health
benefits that need to be explored.

One of the ways that I have added these to my diet is in my hot drinks. You can add a touch of any of these spices to
your tea or coffee, just choose one that you really like. Personally I like mine in my Hot Chocolate. I have slightly modified my daughter’s recipe which you can find here...

This Hot Chocolate Recipe is wonderful to have first thing in
the morning as you spend time with Lord in your quiet time
and this  is also  a delicious way to add these great natural 
foods to your diet and life style. .

The Cayenne Pepper is a great blood cleanser too, and will
give you a burst of energy. The honey will also give you
energy and has anti-bacterial qualities amongst other
things. All the ingredients are so good for you.

God Bless,
Written By Guest Blogger
Mrs Evelyn Hair
( Our Dear Mother)
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