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A Peek Inside My Hope Chest & An Exciting Announcement


Hi Everyone

Hope Chests are a favourite topic among Christian ladies of all ages. Everybody has a different view and perspective but, none the less, it's a fun topic. Today, and in the next couple of posts, I thought you might enjoy having a peek into what is in my hope chest.

I have divided the contents of my hope chest into different categories:

  • Kitchen Items
  • Baby Items
  • Chinaware
  • Toys and Games
  • Books
  • Miscellaneous Items

Today I will be showing you my Kitchen Items

I love getting into the kitchen and really appreciate a good kitchen tool. Each of the items in my collection has a story behind them. I'll show the items in groups and give their stories.

The 'Mason Cash' lookalike bowls at the back were a present from my grandmother on my 18th birthday. I love how big they are and the nice molding on the sides. The white dish in the front is a gift from my older sister and I love using the beautiful dish to make pies, peach cobblers and chocolate self-saucing pudding. The glass Pyrex pie dish is one that I found in a local thrift shop. I like the fact that it is made of clear glass which goes with everything and it was a great price.

The granite rolling pin was my grandmother's and was a present on my 20th birthday. I remember using my mother's marble rolling pin when I was younger before it broke. I love the weight of the rolling pin and how it does such a great job rolling out pastry. The egg beater, pastry cutter and potato masher were each brought from thrift stores over the year. They are all good quality and will last of years.

The two sets of cookie cutters, one set round and one set heart shaped, were again presents from my sister on another birthday. Can you see a trend here =). The cookie press was a gift from my parents and works really well with the cookie cutters. The piping bag was a gift from a good friend who wanted me to have a heavy duty one. It works really well. The digital scale was a gift from my grandmother. I use it nearly every day and it comes in so handy for everything from cooking to calculating postage.

The red oven mitts went along with the cookie cutters from my sister. The green pot holders were a gift from a friend who knew that I liked cooking and the blue pot holders were a gift from an older lady that I met on our travels overseas. The knitted dishcloth is one that I made from some nice soft wool that I had.

The tea towels were gifts from my cousin and my grandmother. The recipe box was a gift from older blind gentleman that we know that does woodworking. My sister added the stenciling and now I use it to hold my favourite recipes. I picked up the measuring cups up from a local home wares store when they had a big sale. I love how durable they are. The measuring spoons went along with the green pot holders above and are very handy.

The wooden cutting board was my mother's, but she gave it to me because I loved the 's' inscribed in it. The gray and red citrus juicer was an extra that my mum had and passed on to me. I bought the yellow citrus juicer at a local department store. The cake server was bought at a local thrift store. The spatulas were gifts from various friends and family.

That's it for the the kitchen items.

And now for the big announcement!!!

My new ebook 'The Hope Chest List' is almost ready for publication and will soon be released. It is full of great information on hope chests, what they are, where they come from and why you may or may not want to have one. More information coming soon!

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