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My ebook 'The Hope Chest List' is finally finished and is available for purchase on Amazon.

‘The Hope Chest List‘ explains the purpose of the hope chest in the past historically, but also emphasises its relevance in the present and future. It inspires the young woman to think about the future but practice for it in the present. The ideas presented in this book have been carefully collected over time and are now available to inspire any young lady to be wise, resourceful and creative. Most of all, the young woman is encouraged in Godliness.

This book includes lists of items for the hope chest and lists of skills that a young lady might want to acquire. There are some great bonus extras that provide a great read and useful tips.

For 3 days, June 26th-28th, I am offering my ebook totally FREE, so there is now reason not to download the book and have a read.

Please share this limited promotion with your friends who are or have daughters, so that they can take advantage of this great deal and be encouraged.

Download the ebook here


And now.....  part two of 'A Peek Into My Hope Chest' - Books
If you missed part one, you can find it here

Hi Everyone

I love reading and finding a really great book can be a bit of a treasure hunt at times. But if you do find a really great treasure, all the work becomes totally worth it. Today I want to show you some of the treasures that I have found or collected over the years and now reside in my hope chest. *Note: Due to the space that books take up and the fact that they look very pretty on display, most of these books in reality live in my bookcase.

I am a big picture book fan and I love how useful information can be made so beautiful and easy to understand with the help of a good picture book. The stack of vintage Golden Books in the top left hand corner were mostly inherited from my grandmother when she moved house. I love the stories filled with loving families doing the simple things of life together. The ladybird books in the top right hand corner are for for slightly older kids, about 8-12 year olds. I love the way that just the right amount of information is given in these books, not to much to bore you and yet not so little that you don't actually know anything by the time you've finished. The books in the lower left hand corner are again aimed at older children and are beautifully put together so that they are a joy to read, even as an adult. The three small little square books at the bottom are the first books that I ever owned, given to me by my grandparents, and they are a treasure to me.

The self-sufficiency book is an earlier version of a book that we already owned as a family and I have always enjoyed looking through it, so when I found it at a local thrift shop, snapped it up so that I could have a copy of my own. The 'Be Your Own Doctor' book is perhaps the best natural health book that I have ever come across and is probably one of the most regularly used books in my collection. You can read my review of the book here. The CWA cookbook was given to me by my mother for my birthday when she saw how much I loved using her copy of it. I love all the delicious old recipes that are made from just a few simple ingredients. The 'The Three R's' book by Ruth Beechick, despite it's small size and humble cover, is one of the best books for beginning homeschooling there is. Mrs Beechick's simple, down to earth way of looking at education is a breath of fresh air and so easy to understand. The last book, at the lower right, is a sequel written by Mrs Beechick for teaching the higher grades.

The Heidi books are one of my favourite series. The beautiful writing and simple, real story lines are refreshing and a joy to read. The picture books on the right are some of my very favourites, well written and beautifully done. The bottom book at the bottom left is 'Children of the Oregon Trail', one of the best children's books I have read. It tells the true story of the Sager children who, after their parents died while part of a wagon train, went on to cross the wilderness on foot, alone and with a newborn baby, to get to the Whitman mission in Oregon. I try to get anyone who borrows books from me to at least try reading this book, and not one person has said they were not deeply touched by the book. On top of that book is a budget copy of the unabridged Swiss Family Robinson, which I bought because it was cheap and I wanted to see if I liked the book. Now I wish I had bought a hardback version, as I really enjoyed the book and would like it to live through many rereads. 

So there it is

Until next time....

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