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Jesus in the Boat


Have you heard the cliché, “Is Jesus in your Boat?” or “I pray that Jesus is in your boat?” I have.

I first heard it in a message that was preached by a pastor of a church. His message was basically that we needed to make sure that Jesus was in our boat so that we didn’t have to worry about our journey through life. He took it from the story of Jesus, with His disciples going across the Lake of Galilee in a boat. The true record of the event written in our Bibles (Mark chapter 4), tells how a terribly frightening storm blew in suddenly and the disciples, many of whom were seasoned fishermen on that particular Lake, became extremely fearful. Jesus, however, was fast asleep. The disciples awoke Him and He calmed the storm by His word of command and the water was still, the wind calmed. The disciples were astonished but Jesus said to them,

“Why are you so fearful? How is that you have no faith?”

You see, they had the Son of God with them, the Master of the Universe. They had no need to worry, because “Jesus was in the boat”.

But the saying that is going around isn’t “Jesus is in the boat”, it’s “Is Jesus in your boat?” That bothers me and this is why.

Who’s boat was it out there on the water of the Sea of Galilee? Was it the disciple’s boat or was it Jesus’ boat? Jesus was the Rabbi and the His disciples followed Him. If He said they were going across to the other side of the Lake, then they got in a boat and went across. They did what He wanted to do, when He wanted to do it, and they went where He was going. He was the Master.

I think it was Jesus’ boat. It was His plan and command to go in the boat to the other side of the Lake. The disciples were going with Him. He was not going with them. If this is the case, then we shouldn’t want Jesus in our boat but we should want to be in Jesus’ boat.

It is a common fault amongst us all, that we think we have great plans and so desperately want God to bless them. We want Jesus to be in our boat to bless our journey. But Jesus does not want this. He does not bless our journey. He is the Master and we must follow Him. We must be on His journey for our life. We must be in Jesus’ boat. Jesus never did anything of His own will but He constantly did His Father’s will. And so us, we must be doing the will of the Father.

We must be in Jesus’ boat.

Are you in Jesus’ boat? I hope so.


Written by our Dearest Mother

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