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A Peek Into My Hope Chest Part 3 ~ Baby Clothes & Quilts


Hi everyone

Today I am back with the third part of my 'Peek Into My Hope Chest' series and this post will be looking at the baby clothes and quilts that I have collected for my Hope Chest.

If you missed the first two posts in the series, you can go back and read them first if you wish.

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Here we go...

The denim dress at the top left is one that I picked up at an op shop (thrift store for my US readers), and is almost identical to some of the little denim dresses that us girls used to wear when we were little. The denim is hard wearing, keeps you warm and stays looking good for a long time. The cream moleskin overalls in the top center were also picked up at an op shop and would make a lovely going out outfit for a little boy. The little denim overalls at the top right are a smaller size and made of a lighter material, perfect for summer play. They were given to me by a dear friend who knew that I had hope chest and thought of me the moment she saw them. The little pink crocheted outfit was bought when I was visiting a farm field day and saw a stall full of beautiful crocheted baby items. I had wanted something to remember the day by and this little beauty took the prize. It is a premmie size, so I am yet to know who will wear it. The little pink felt shoes are ones that I made. They are really simple to make and very light, which is nice for little feet. The navy dress at the bottom right and the little pink headband are items that I picked up from an op shop when they were on sale.

 The toweling bibs at the bottom left are a gift from my grandmother. They are just like the bibs that she used on her own babies and these ones she had on had for her grandchildren. They are really soft and so easy to wash. The bibs on the right are ones that I made from recycled denim. They are very durable and are double sided, with a pretty cotton fabric on the other side. The little bundle of knitted squares are 'baby scrubbies'. I got the idea for these from this blog post. At the top of the photo is the lovely nursing cover that my sister made of me to put in my hope chest. She puts so much thought into making these and does a wonderful job.

 The two blankets on the left were made by me after being inspired by one that my cousin made and then reading this blog post. Although I made mistakes on both of them, the design is very forgiving and they turned out super cute and comfortable. The crocheted blanket on the end was made for me by my grandmother when I was a child. 

 Quilts can be so pretty and versatile. They can be used on beds, to cover chairs, as wall hanging and as beautiful picnic rugs. I do not prefer to quilt myself, so I love it when I can pick up a beautiful quilt for a good price. The yellow patchwork quilt on the far left is one that was made for me by my grandmother, who is a quilter and made a quilt for each of her grandchildren. The blue quilt and the pink quilt next to it, were ones that I found at op shops for good prices and in great condition. The two remaining quilts on the far right are ones that I was given when a friend was passing on some of their baby things.

So that's it of the textile side of my hope chest. There may be a few other items, but they are serving their purpose in some other location in the house.

Until next time,

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  1. I love seeing into your hope chest! The whole idea has become so old fashioned that we don't hear of it much anymore... although we also do it... thank you for sharing yours. :)

    1. Hi Gentle Joy
      I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post. How lovely that you are keeping up the lovely tradition.



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